Trading with Pure Data Mining

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Trading with Pure Data Mining

Мнение от FosterFX » 08 юни 2017, 20:53

Hello, some people know me as FosterFX because I have a few years in Forex, I think this strategy can be very helpful.
After getting to establish my own trading systems with technical analysis, fundamental and numerical. I saw with the surprise that it is not enough to be able to obtain high stable yields. So I had to go to data mining, with which I started using neural networks, thanks to the amount of data I can find through mathematical functions that converge certain patterns according to how long it is used, they vote As results a degree of optimum certainty, but not reaching the optimum point opted through artificial intelligence, group all this data together with the different temporalities that correlate the flow of prices.
Where C = Buy or Buy V = Sell or Sell a photo of my strategy developed in excel.
First, we have the data through mathematical functions that based on matrices with different temporality gives us a prediction of the price to where it is headed.
Second. We carry these results to a modeling through servers that are in charge to process the data with algorithms that assign certain patterns as each neuronal network offers us as a result.
Third, the result of the data set with modeling votes us a result which we call knowledge. It is this that tells us if the price of the asset goes up or down.
This knowledge flow can be automatic or semi automatic. With a value of 60 - 500 PIPs per day



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