Public Folder Migration and Archive Mailbox Migration

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Public Folder Migration and Archive Mailbox Migration

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Public folder and Archive mailbox migration is quite complex and needs a lot of planning and preparation. The more important thing here is to avoid end user impact. These can be migrated using many methods but we need to select a method which is feasible and reduces overall migration time.

We need to select in such way that it should simplify your manual work by performing automatically.
It should perform smooth migration even for large folder sizes and multiple file types in one folder.
It should perform migration task without any interruptions and lengthy downtime.
Needs to maintain complete folder hierarchy and should migrate permissions without any data loss.
To perform all the above listed points you can the third party tool called EdbMails Exchange Migration tool which performs public folder and archive mailbox migration effectively without any data loss.
No need to worry about the exchange server versions as this application supports Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. So user can easily migrate any exchange server version without any difficulty.

How EdbMails Simplify the work?

Earlier admins were supposed to use manual method to migrate from public folder to office 365 by understanding the working of complicated exchange management console cmdlets to create working scripts.
EdbMails simplified this job. Now they just need to create a public folder in office 365 assign it to the user and choose the same user in EdbMails Wizard and others will be done automatically by the utility.
Public folder and Archive mailbox migration is not all easy as it involves a thorough planning and a lot of technical details to understand. But the process is simple when you select the proper third party tool like EdbMails Exchange Migration, which performs the task flawlessly.
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